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Though living far north of the Mason-Dixon line, many mid-nineteenth-century citizens of Michigan rose up to protest the moral offense of slavery; they published an abolitionist newspaper and founded an anti-slavery society, as well as a campaign for emancipation. By the 1840s, a prominent abolitionist from Illinois had crossed the state line to Michigan, establishing new stations on the Underground Railroad. This book is the first comprehensive exploration of abolitionism and the network of escape from slavery in the state. First-person accounts are interwoven with an expansive historical overview of national events to offer a fresh examination of Michigan’s critical role in the movement to end American slavery.


Publication of  A Fluid Frontier:  Slavery, Resistance and the Underground Railroad in the Detroit River Borderland
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Carol E. Mull - author, lecturer and scholar of Underground Railroad history in Michigan, and a founding member and past Chair of the Michigan Freedom Trail Commission. 

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Happy New Year. I’ve been busy co-writing a nomination of Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit to the National Park Service Network to Freedom. At least a dozen UGRR figures are buried there, so the research has been extensive. Let’s hope it is accepted.  It was accepted!!!

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